Reverse Mortgage Specialist Colorado Springs Co

Want access to YOUR money which until now was not available to you?

You’ve come to right place: Reverse Mortgage Assistance Company. We are here to help you tap and also gonna assist you through the entire reverse mortgage process.

If you are 62 or older, and want to liquidate your hard-earned, life-long investment: your house, then this it! We are here to provide you reverse mortgage assistance through our experienced and thorough reverse mortgage brokers.

We know how stressful can be your monthly mortgage payments,

Or how sometimes the rising medical bills which are not covered by your healthcare insurance can be daunting, too,

OR Do you think that it’s time for you to a take long, satisfying vacation with your kids and grandkids? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Just sign up for reverse mortgage and tap into YOUR RESOURCE: YOUR HOME, and gain YOUR money.

We understand how same home environment can take a toll on your physical and psychological well-being. You can afford the opportunity to renovate and decorate your house just like your dream home.

The answer is easy, and simple too.

Reverse Mortgage!!!

We are a reverse mortgage specialist company based out of Colorado. Currently we are covering: Denver CO, Boulder CO, Aurora CO, Arvada CO, Englewood CO, Littleton CO, Colorado Springs CO, Broomfield CO, Thornton CO, Longmont CO, and Fort Collins CO.

When you sign up for reverse mortgage, you retain 100% ownership of your property while cashing out on the equity investments you have made into your house.

All you gotta do is: maintain your house as per the standards of FHA (Federal Housing Administration) guidelines, use the house as your primary place of residence, and continue to pay all taxes and insurance dues. BECAUSE REMEMBER, IT WAS AND ALWAYS WILL BE YOUR HOME UNTIL YOU LAST LIVING ELIGIBLE SPOUSE.

So now tell us how would you like your money to be disbursed to you directly?

We can cater to all your needs:

  • By paying you a lump sum, one-time payment, or,
  • By disbursing you monthly payments for fixed term, or,
  • By ensuring a tenure payment till the last day you live in your house, or if these modes of payments are not tailored to your needs,
  • We can get a line of credit available to you giving you the freedom to draw money as you go.
  • Above all of this, we can also tailor-make a plan of payment which is a combination of all three.


Now you can replace the income lost from the deceased spouse’s pension or social security benefits, or

Make long-lasting investments in your grandkids’ education or just by donating this money to local charities and church alike to add another feather in your cap in the long list of services you have rendered throughout your life.


  • If your home is currently under mortgage, reverse mortgage will able you to eliminate those hectic monthly payments once for all, giving you the life-long pleasure of retaining YOUR roof over your head.
  • If you fail to keep up the maintenance of your house, or cannot keep up with guidelines set by FHA, or default on loan payments or tax dues, or for 12 consecutive months do not occupy your home, you’d be failing to meet the reverse mortgage terms, hence, would be liable to pay the loan amount received from reverse mortgage companies.


  • All of reverse mortgages are insured by the Government, giving you the ultimate advantage of risk-free loan.
  • If you cease to live, don’t be worried till your last living eligible non-borrowing spouse, all payments would continue to flow.
  • After your death, your house would be offered to your heirs (with a sunset clause of 6 months) to buy and refinance your house through any method.